Happy Thanksgiving From A Younger Me

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering, “Man, Theek sure knows how to dish out these Internet memes! However does she do it?” Well, loyal listener, it turns out I have been dabbling in the world of image macro before Instagram, twitter, and Facebook. I discovered a long lost gem from my since-deleted MySpace archive.

I thought I was so clever. So creative. So cool with my Microsoft Paint. For the resources and lack of creative confidence at that time, I must say it’s alright for what it is. I think I finally deleted my account in 2008-09 after a good few years being friends with ‘Tom.’ Thankfully, I was wise enough to save a few MySpace photos.

I have been handy with Microsoft Paint for years!
An embarrassing yet awesome meme circa 2007

Did you have a MySpace?

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5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From A Younger Me

  1. Oh my gosh, you’re so funny! What not MySpace? Everybody had it. Also, Hi5 and all. I was never good at coming up with memes. I just like to browse, hehe.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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