Mama’s Still Got It – Share Your MILF Moments

Is it just me or is a compliment from a stranger rings more true or sincere than from your friends or husband? My husband let’s me know he thinks I’m attractive in the best way he knows how. If I have to over-explain this, you’re following the wrong blog. When it comes from a stranger with the least intention (or I naively assume not) to get in my pants, it seems authentic.

So, let’s say they are still trying to get in your pants. I got the privilege chore to go grocery shop by myself one evening and a young gentleman asked me a couple questions about my ethnicity (“oh, here goes another Asian pickup line”) but they were genuine questions. He wondered if I was Hawaiian because I “am so beautiful.” I almost didn’t believe him but I remembered I put on some mascara earlier and didn’t get puked on that day. Still, I looked like this:

Safeway MILF

Day (possibly days) old hair; messy bun; unshaven legs.

Another MILF moment occurs when I regularly walk to the local grocery store to get work lunch from their hot deli. Each time, the deli guy hands over my fried chicken delicious food with a, “Here you go, beautiful!” I’ve paced away slowly to see if he says that to the lady next in line. Too bad she orders a 6-piece meal and my hungry ass ain’t waiting longer to eavesdrop. Who knows if he says it to all the ladies but I’m on a mini-high.

On a particular day, during that same visit in the same store with same compliment from Fried Chicken guy, I walk out in the parking lot and a man sees me walk past, I flash him a still-confident smile and he shouts, “You have beautiful hair!” I shout back my giggly thank you and head back to my office with a bounce in my step. Wow, either people are really nice or their standards are lower than I expected. I looked like this that day:

Peterson's in CdA MILF

Day old hair in a sloppy pony tail.


... and no makeup.

I don’t even think I flossed that day. So, I don’t know what the big hoopla was all about.

The common denominator was that I was not with Humnoy or Gym Hottie. I was a normal girl going about her business. I wasn’t out to impress anybody (unless he was a millionaire lookin’ for his next trophy wife). I didn’t expect compliments nor did I expect to turn any heads.

Funny thing is I feel most beautiful with Humnoy and my husband. My body allowed me to carry an almost 8-lb bowling ball for 10 months. It also allows me to be my husband’s lover (awkward visual/phrasing but it’s true!) My plain face and frizzy hair shows I am having too much fun with a toddler to worry about makeup or turning on my straightener. My confidence comes from my child and husband choosing me to be a part of their lives. Even if the attention I get is when GH wants some nookie or darting eyes from the bag boy at the store, Mama’s still got it and she doesn’t even have to flaunt it.

Homebody MILF

Makeup and hair did (and boobs) and NO compliments.

Do you have any MILF moments? When do you feel most beautiful?