I’m Impressed Yet Concerned About My Advanced Babies’ Development

Lanoy was born February 5, 2013. Didn’t that just, like, happen? Tell me why she is doing thissssssss…

Confirmed: I have every right to compare my first physical overachiever of a child to my second physical overachiever of a child. If this isn’t the case to make more super babies then I dunno how else to convince perma-pregnancy to GH to fill out our Olympian team. Well, besides perma-IMPREGNATING me. That’s fun, I promise. I’m very curious (and admittedly concerned) that her language skills may mirror the same delay as well.


What are the odds of siblings meeting similar milestones and times?

Wordless Wednesday – When You Were New

As my first Wordless Wednesday post since beginning my blogging journey, it didn’t come at a better time because Humnoy turned six months yesterday! It’s been quite a trip.

From the day of his birthday, it’s been such a surreal dive into a brand new identity for me. I still look at him and wonder how a perfect little human belongs to us and fully depends on me to thrive. A fellow Mom-blogger proposed an interesting idea for Wordless Wednesday called “Wordless WHENesday!” It is an ode to what you were doing the same day/week from years’ past. Although six months is not very long ago, it is quite a milestone and to celebrate, I will share his first three weeks of life.

Do you remember what you were doing six months ago? Six years ago?