Hey Girl, I *Still* Hate Cloth Diapers

Confession: I have been using disposables full-time for a little while many, many months. I’ll admit I miss the cute bum running around in the plushness of soft organic cotton. I miss the amazement of how a Snappi just works like pure magic. I miss the smell of freshly sunned cloth diapers with nature’s purest disinfectant and stain remover รก la direct sunlight.

What I don’t miss is when Humnoy learned to disrobe a perfectly folded organic diaper. I don’t miss the bleeding hangnail that got caught on the treacherous teeth of the Snappi. I do not miss lugging cloth diapers up and down stairs to the community laundry room.

Yeah, callin’ it – I still hate cloth diapering! Grumble, grumble.

The cloth-honeymoon has passed and that spark is gone. No longer do I get stupidly excited to snap in liners or stuff pockets accordingly and admire from afar when I organized them. I went from OCD cloth mama to who-gives-a-shit-about-landfills Scrooge. I’m a little sad I can’t show my face around at my town’s Great Cloth Diaper Change this year. Last year, Humnoy was only 6 weeks but I dragged my zombie ass downtown ‘early’ Saturday morning with crazy parking and all to be a part of the biggest simultaneous cloth diaper change in the world.

Thinking of trying cloth? Definitely prepare oneself and learn from my mistakes from a reformed cloth mama.

1) Invest in a diaper sprayer.
Sure, try thinking you’re saving money by dunk n’ swishing but it is NASTY. You’ll be introducing solids before you know it and will kick yourself for not having one installed for that first ass-plosion. There’s usually co-ops being run so you can save even more money. It has more than cloth use – it’s a bidet too!

2) Splurge on cloth-friendly detergent and water softener.
Spokane’s hard water causes much more build-up issues in cloth diapers. Build-up usually means that the detergent isn’t getting rinsed out enough therefore causing funky smells and irritated skin. I used Country Save detergent and White King water softener, which are available in your local grocer or I’ve even heard Wal-Mart carries both. Call to find out.

3) Set up a good wash routine and stick to it.
Every 2-3 days is the recommended schedule but you may find that every other day works, especially if you’re piling up more diapers or diapering more than one child. I went longer because I hate laundry and I had bad issues.

Living in this ghetto apartment, I just don’t think I have the patience to keep up with normal laundry and cloth diaper laundry. When we move out of this dump, I will return to the glorious world of cloth diapering and even attempting elimination communication.

Oh, hi. It’s Ryan without a shirt.

What problems have you had with cloth diapers? Any tips for a mama interested in Elimination Communication?

Ryan Gosling Bakes Lactation Cookies

The internet has been going ga-ga over Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” memes. If you haven’t seen one, you either a) are not spending enough time on the interwebz or b) are a dude. It’s all over Facebook, Tumblr, and even Pinterest. There’s just something about Ryan’s boy-next-door face and Hollywood studliness when it’s accompanied by “Hey Girl” and some salute to the tribulations that we women face. There’s a meme for feminists, cat lovers, and now breastfeeding mamas! The following one was found via Facebook, of course, and Ryan will cut a bitch for trying to degrade his woman’s breasts for their foremost and natural function.

Inspired by Mr. Gosling, I came up with my own with my personal woes since Aunt Flo visited in January for the first time since Humnoy was born (10 months post-partum) and has since came back for her ‘monthly visit.’ Pumping at work is not fun as hormonal changes affect milk supply. When I barely get an ounce per session, it is heartbreaking but Ryan is there to mend my sorrow. *sigh*

I hope you enjoy!