Wordless Wednesday – Humnoy, Meet Ocean; Ocean, Humnoy

Gym Hottie was out of town with his friend doing a man camping trip so my cousin suggested we take a day trip to Ocean Shores, WA. Within 10 minutes of us arriving, all 20-21 pounds of Humnoy got washed under a small wave on the shore and was traumatized of the ocean the rest of the stay. I didn’t capture his distress (as cute and endearing as it was) but I got plenty of other moments.



humnoy chasing sea gull.jpg


mixed baby beach curls.jpg

saltwater taffy from Murphy's.jpg

Where have you taken your family for an ocean trip?

Wordless Wednesday – March Baby Cousins

My younger brother and I are Irish twins. I was born in January and he was born 11 months later in December. He heard of the news I was pregnant the day he found out he was going to be a father. Humnoy was born on Sunday, March 13th and his ‘little’ cousin was born Sunday, March 27th exactly two weeks later. We got to see a lot of her over the Independence Day holiday vacation. Aren’t they just ze cutest?

toddler cousin kisses.jpg

Toddlers and mega blocks.jpg

leela and humnoy.jpg

laotian toddlers.jpg

cousins walk in the park.jpg

Wordless Wednesday – When a Boy Loves a Bath

When you combine Humnoy’s love for water and his hoarding tendencies, you get an entertained and wrinkly-toed toddler. His favorite is to throw his hoarded possessions overboard and see if Mama tosses it back. Does your little fishie have random ass bath toys too?








(Not So) Wordless Wednesday – I’m Not the Nanny

Our first play date was scheduled through a Meetup.com Bellevue mommy group I joined. The story time is regularly held at the Microsoft Building at the Shops at Bravern, which includes stores like Nieman Marcus, Jimmy Choo, and Louis Vuitton all in eye-shot distance from the brood of drooling tots and expensive strollers. There were IT professionals swinging in and out of the building, nannies chasing someone else’s child down, and then there’s me, who easily may have the least household income – nannies and all. I did splurge on a $3.50 cupcake just so I could validate parking so if I can’t spend a million bucks, at least I can mingle in it. $$$$








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Do you go to regular play dates? What is your favorite thing about them?

Wordless Wednesday – Seattle Beaches in May

We have gone to more beaches in the three days we have lived here than I have ever been to in my adult life. Sunny days in Seattle will do that to you. Happy sunny Wednesday!

Dada and Humnoy at Newcastle Beach

Camouflage model in front of Newcastle Beach

Baby belleh

Lao sitting shadow

About to dive in at Newcastle Beach!

Sandless beach - Madison Park Beach

My first Oreo at Madison Park Beach

Sand and Oreos are a hot mess, never again.

Wordless Wednesday: It’s a Floor Bed Kinda Movie Night

So, you’re moving to the other side of the state and got rid of your couches. No couch(es), no problem!

Can you guess the movie of the night?

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Wordless Wednesday – Birthday Wishes and a Dance Party

With a cold and unwarranted immediate family drama, the little ball of cuteness of a birthday boy made the entire day full of laughter and dancing! It was the perfect day to celebrate the little person who made this family all happen. Did you know that Humnoy’s formal first name means “souvenir”?

To the Birthday Boy,

A thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event.

You shaped my life as I am hoping to shape yours on a good path of humanism and respect. You teach daily lessons as I am hoping to teach you in numbers, letters, and manners. You show unconditional love as I hope to show you how lucky I am to be your mother. You mean a lot to more people than you may see but you are making people happy so my birthday wishes for you is to always be yourself and always provide good memories for others to keep.

Happy birthday, my sweet son. Beyond your mama and dada, we all love you so much.







Wordless Wednesday – Back Scratching on Thanksgiving 2010

My dad is quite possibly the most entertaining 50-something Asian guy I know. My husband always makes sure my dad is in town when we go to visit my parents for the entertainment value. His broken English and words of wisdom make for great comedic effect in family visits. I found some old pictures from last year when I was still pregnant that I took of my Dad with a back scratcher. If you know anything about Asians, we love wooden back scratchers for obvious reasons but I could never bring myself to use one. I’m a germ o-phobe of sorts and — well, you’ll see for yourself.